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Regional Child Care Nutrition enjoys broad local support.

Regional Child Care Nutrition, Inc. (RCCN) has been assisting with feeding children since 1991. Prior to now, its focus was ensuring children from low-income families attending day care centers were fed according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) minimum meal requirements. In February of 2004, the Director, Milphew Wilson, Jr., visited Ethiopia at the request of a little boy. Later, Milphew successfully adopted the little boy and has changed the focus of RCCN to assisting children and adults in Ethiopia to receive at least one meal a day.

in addition to the soup kitchen run by RCCN in Tiss Abay, we feed over 50 children two meals a day. The goal of RCCN is to build a facility in Ethiopia that will assist in providing homeless children free clothes, teaching homeless mothers how to sew, provide free schooling to homeless children, provide at least two meals a day to the poor, and most important conduct Bible quizzes at different religious facilities in Ethiopia to ensure the children are kept close to the word of God.


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